Self Care: The Best Clean Beauty Products to keep your Skin Protected this Summer



Self care I’ve come to learn shouldn’t just be a hobby or an add-on to life. It should be the way we ultimately live. It should also be a lifestyle and discipline combined. One of the ways I care for my self is through my skincare. I don’t like to put just anything on my skin, I choose very carefully what I put on my skin. Your skin is one of the most sensitive and largest organ in our body. Keep reading to find out what the best clean products to keep your sin protected this summer

What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put inside of us. Over time we can only have so much toxins and chemicals in products we use. Our skin is super sensitive and will absorb whatever is in these products and in turn affects our health. It is very important that the skin care products you purchase are not only affordable, but that it is also free of harmful agents.

Nuria Skincare is a skincare line I’ve grown to love and appreciate especially this summer as my skincare routine has changed. They curate a quality and holistic skincare line that I discovered recently. Apart from the wonderful ingredients which I’ll break down for you in a bit as well as their benefits.

They also have and support a wonderful cause that is near and dear to my heart . I will get to that much later into the blog so, stick around if you want to know what thats about.







Defend Skin Shielding Essence

This product that I have on my skin that has a clear consistency is the defend skin shielding essence. It is infused with ginseng which prevents early signs of aging by improving your skins elasticity. I usually apply my essence after my applying my toner. I’ll be doing a detailed blog later on my step by step skincare routine.

This essence also serves as an antioxidant and protects your skin from the pollution that we inevitably encounter everyday. During the summer the extra strain of the UVA rays can decrease your skins elasticity.This is why it is so important to apply a defensive essence as a core step.

If a skin essence is not part of your routine, you need to definitely consider incorporating one as it is an essential step. An essence is important, especially if you want your moisturizer or serums to work twice as good as they should. Essence gives your skin a good canvas and prepares your skin to actually absorb your moisturizer. This is a step that has definitely changed the game for my summer protective routine.


Defend Skin Shielding Essence





Defend Gentle Exfoliator

One of the products in the Nuria Defend Line that I get really excited about is their gentle exfoliant. The keyword is definitely GENTLE. It is very important that  you study what exactly your skin needs. based on season and skin type. If your skin is sensitive you definitely do not want an abrasive exfoliant. Trust me I’ve had little derma tears  that come from an abrasive form of exfoliant.

This exfoliant is gentle and has a special property called Ginkgo and it protects the skin from environmental stressors that cause  the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells and purifies your skin using the natural cleansing power of Ginkgo to reveal radiant, glowing skin. The exfoliant also contains lactic acid which also aids in brightening for hyper-pigmentation


Defend Gentle Exfoliator


Defend Overnight Recovery Cream

The last product is one of my all time favorites, and is part of my night time routine. The recovery night time moisturizes is a thick moisturizer that I get to end my nigh time routine with. It allows me to retain moisture that my skin might have lost through the day. It acts as a recovery layer from the rigors of the day and works its magic while you sleep.

I cant stress how important it is to moisturize especially at night despite your skin type. If you have an oily skin  type, moisturizing is just as important. This is because it allows your skin to not over produce oils that your face doesn’t need. The oily skin type tends to try and over compensate when it doesn’t get enough moisture.

The Overnight Recovery Moisturizer contains Seaweed and Algae that are also protectants against environmental aggressors and works overnight to reveal visible brighter and well rested skin in the morning time. I love when products use elements of nature to heal and fortify the skin and it makes me feel confident on what Im putting on my skin.


Defend Overnight Recovery Cream





Beauty that Supports a Cause

Nuria is a cruelty, vegan, clean beauty. I above all, I love that this company stands for a cause that is near and dear to my heart gender equality in education. Many places unfortunately do not believe that girls deserve the same right to education and that they are meant only for domestic duties.

Me and you both know that is the biggest lie any generation can incorporate into their values and beliefs. Many times this is inspired by poverty and ignorance. Nuria beauty donates to She’s the First a portion of their sales which I thought was incredible. Its important that brands we support that have the means to leverage their resources help the community and make a difference.



















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