How to make your Holiday Cards Unique this Year!

Holiday Cards and Gifting Fiasco

Cards and Letters are secretly my weakness and I hoard every one I get from friends and family. Cards and Notes convey indelible written words and the heart of a person on card stock. When the Holidays come around, I either have two options. Option one is to plan ahead and option two is to do every thing last Most years I fall on the later spectrum and I rush and get unintentional gifts and a regular card set from Walmart or Tj.Maxx.

Now, no offense to either of these stores but most of the time whatever I get from them will be very generic and will convey nothing of my personal style or taste. I love the process of going online and either designing my own card or picking from a unique selection of styles and graphics. I have tried several invitation websites and they are either too expensive or have such limited edits I can make to the cards and I get discouraged fast when I go that route.  I discovered Basic Invite this year when I decided to look for a unique and more customizable website to get my Christmas cards!


Basic Invite allows me to go on their website and create cards and invitations. The site allows you to either use your own graphics or use their amazing and unique selection of graphics to create your cards. They have almost an unlimited amount of color options and have a button that allows you to immediately preview your work as you customize your card. Usually when I try to create a card with a graphic form the website its either I can’t change the font or a certain illustrations color. I found that with Basic invite I was able to do both and customize every it of color on the layout of my card.

Now I don’t know about you, but sometimes even when I’m done with my card I have commitment issues. I don’t  want to order a million of the cards just yet without even knowing what the quality of the card or the color looks like. Basic invite allows you to order a customer sample so that you can see the quality of the paper. One more thing that I found interesting about their site is that, they have an address capturing service that allows you to share a link on any of your social media platform. These will help collect the addresses of people you would like to send you cards to. Basic invite then creates envelopes with the recipient’s printed address on your envelope for no additional cost.













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